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February 2016 Jackpot Winners

Kathleen L. from USA
Won a $3952 Jackpot

Nigel S. from Aruba
Won a $2040 Jackpot

Katrenak D. from Massachusetts
Won a $1015 Jackpot

Stephen D. from Queens NY
Won a $1614 Jackpot

Tracy C. from Cleveland TX
Won $2037 on the Konami Magical Hits

Maria B. from Rochester NY
Won $2073 on the Wheel Machine!

James S. from New Hampshire USA
Won $1000 on the Wheel Hot 7

Tracy C. from Texas
Won $1000 on her first trip to the Island

Won $1000 on the Quick Hit Slot Machine

Boro J. from Canada
Visiting Aruba for the 15th time won $2000

Barbara T. from Long Island
Visiting Aruba for the 25th time won $1000

Patty from USA
Won a Jackpot

Eugene from Aruba
Won a $5000 Jackpot

Amy H and Christina P. from Virginia U.S.A.
Won $1000 each!!!

Dar from U.S.A.
Won a $1000 Jackpot.

Mike and Debbie from Boston U.S.A.
Won a $1396 Jackpot.

Mr. Dave M. from U.S.A.
Won a $1000 Jackpot.

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